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Mr Roger Harrison

Mr Roger Harrison

Senior Lecturer (Education)

The Open University Faculty of Education and Language Studies Department of Childhood, Youth and Sport


Roger Harrison is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education, in the Faculty of Education and Language Studies.


MA in Modern History, University of St Andrews,

Diploma in Community Education, University of Edinburgh.

Teaching Interests

Currently core member of the team developing the Foundation Degree in Working with Young People. Production Chair of E131 'Introduction to Working with Young People' and E132 'Leading Work with Young People'.  Earlier course development work at Masters and Undergraduate levels in professional development for those working in the post-compulsory sector of education.

Research Interests

Focus on lifelong learning, with particular emphasis on issues of policy, pedagogy and identity. Recent publications and conference papers on social theories of learning; informal learning; learning for professional development; learning and identity.

Current Research Projects

Learning for Leadership

Theory/practice relationship in professional development through foundation degree study.

 Becoming a professional in the childrens' workforce


Book Chapter
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Conference Item
Golding, Tyrrell ; Harrison, Roger and Harrison, Stephen (2012). Real lives, imagined futures: stories of participation and progression through the Open University professional qualification in youth work. In: Developing Internships and Work Based Learning Opportunities for Mature Students: Creating Opportunities and Raising Aspirations, 31st October 2012, Milton Keynes, UK.
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Journal Article
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