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Ms Kimberly Safford

Ms Kimberly Safford

Senior Lecturer (Primary)

The Open University Faculty of Education and Language Studies Department of Education


I am a Senior Lecturer in Education, and you can see my publications in Open Research Online:

I have authored and chaired the Primary Education modules E101 'Learning through enquiry in primary schools' and E207 'Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools'.

I work in the OU's International Teacher Eduation programmes in Africa and India:

  • Malawi: Keeping Girls in School
  • Sierra Leone: Girls Education Challenge
  • Pan Africa: Teaching Early Grade Reading
  • India: Teacher Education through School-based Support

See Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa (TESSA)  and TESS India

Before coming to the OU, I was Senior Lecturer in Primary English Education at Roehampton University. I was the research officer for Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), and carried out resarch with Creative Partnerships,  Wandsworth Ethnic Minority Achievement Service, King's College London Widening Participation programme, and National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC).  I was a primary school teacher in Lambeth and Wandsworth.

In a previous career, I worked for 20 years as a radio and television journalist in San Francisco, New York and London. 



MA, Language, Ethnicity & Education, King's College London

PGCE, Roehampton University

Research Interests

International tTeacher development, bilingual learners, digital study skills for higher education 

Current Research Projects

Circle the correct form: teaching grammar / testing grammar in the primary school - a UKLA funded research project on the statutory spelling, punctuation and grammar test   


ICT skills for study: capabilities and challenges for foundation degree students - a FELS Scholarship of and for Teaching research project




Authored Book
O'Sullivan, Olivia and Safford, Kimberly (2008). Creative Projects: Getting Parents Involved. London: Centre for Literacy in Primary Education.
Safford, Kimberly and O'Sullivan, Olivia (2007). Their learning becomes your journey: Parents respond to children’s work in creative partnerships. UK: Centre for Literacy in Primary education.
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Book Chapter
Safford, Kimberly (2009). 'This is different writing': The world outside the classroom in children’s texts. In: Graham, Judith and Kelly, Alison eds. Writing Under Control. David Fulton.
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Conference Item
Safford, Kimberly (2008). Many routes to meaning: children's language and literacy learning in creative arts projects. Section 4, Partnership Between Artists and Teachers: Structures and Processes. In: Evaluating the Impact of Arts and Cultural Education: A European and International Research Symposium, 10-12 January 2007, Paris, France.
Journal Article
Safford, Kimberly and Drury, Rose (2013). The ‘problem’ of bilingual children in educational settings: policy and research in England. Language and Education, 27(1), pp. 70–81.
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